24 July 2008

it is all in the shoes

shoes, oh dear me. i can't for the life of me pick a pair of shoes to go with my dress, my wedding dress that is. i know i don't want ANYTHING that could be considered bridal. i want a bit of color, and i always thought blue would that little bit. but some people are taking issue with blue as it is not represented at all in the wedding. so ... i decided to look around just to see what else was out there in greys, olive greens, nudes and maybe even black. here are a couple of my top runners (more or less in order) but i kinda need to figure it out since my first fitting will be happening in the next couple of weeks.


  1. I agree. Why not go with some color? There are too many beatuful shoes to only consider white. By the way, I love the blue pumps!