18 July 2008

graham & brown

it was about a month ago that i swore i would start and finish painting my living/dining room wall in four weeks. well those weeks have apparently come and gone and the only thing i have to show for it is a bajillion paint swatches taped to the wall. next week though ... MAS will be out of town and i will have the entire week to get my act together.

at this point you may be asking yourself what this story has to do with graham & brown and well ... it has nothing to do with them. however i was just putzing around looking at wall coverings, i have a friend searching black and white wallpaper that she will love and her boyfriend won't hate (side note i think she should go with this), and while looking for said wallpaper i found :

paintables by graham & brown!

what they are - heavy duty wall coverings that claim to be perfect for problem walls, ceilings and any other semi-flat surface you can find. they have a 3-d pattern on them which you proceed to paint over. my favorites are the victorian effect covering (pictured above) which is modeled after the traditional tin ceilings you see in really old buildings and then the small squares (picture below).

i am now thinking back to three years ago when MAS and i were on a mad search for tin ceiling tiles to cover our walls in and then paint over them with an almost black kind of grey. oh we searched high and low for an affordable, or even just decent, option and couldn't find one. to think it was here all along ...


  1. bellissimo! reminds me of my wallpaper in my brklyn kitchen. boy, so i miss that apt.