23 July 2008

reem acra, spring 2009

i love the colors. i love the designs. i am beginning to wish i had seen these a while ago ...

i can't say i would actually wear a doll on my head, but i could imagine myself with a yellow skirt, or those gloves and floral decoration from the top image. the gingham would be a pleasant surprise to see coming down the aisle and the purple boots and hot pink tights are just fabulous. why can't i find these reem acra beauties anywhere but here **update** so the lovely blogger over at percy sales events posted these a few months ago and linked them to me! thank you. (i would have striken the "but here" but couldn't find the line through the text button, does anyone know if that exists on blogger???)

and p.s. my dress came in yesterday! i found it while still living in chicago so it hasn't actually made its way to me yet. after 7 months of waiting i find myself a bit giddy about the thought of its arrival. funny this is all going to happen, really soon.

{originally found while pouring over perfect bound}


  1. I have additional pics of these Reem Acra beauties that I posted back in May. Go to this link for the photos

  2. thank you so much pse! those images are exactly what i was hoping for!