09 July 2008

wedding this, wedding that

as we are still four months out from the date my life is not exactly 100% focused on the details. but there tend to be a few days here and there that are just non-stop wedding chatter. this week has been filled with those days as i am trying to get our invites out to the printer. it is significantly harder to do when working with five clients as opposed to one or two (i realize that brides have to do all of the negotiating with family members when i work on their invites, but i just don't have to deal with all of the goings on like i do with my own wedding). any way there are a couple of things still left undone - our officiant and our rings.

i think we are getting closer with an officiant, but the whole ring thing is entirely more complicated than i had anticipated. poor MAS can't find anything he actually likes, and i keep coming across things that are almost perfect. while on my mad search for cool rings, i found these wooden lovelies at live wire farm, and though i am not sure they are up for the wear and tear of everyday life, they are certainly fun to see. i guess the search is still on ...


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