18 August 2008

weekend happenings

i took the last two days off , well for the most part - i did finish cutting the envelope liners and one third of the exteriors! mas and i made the most of our two days free of work and explored a bit more of our surrounding area. we have been here for nearly four months now, but haven't even come close to seeing everything. i never knew the central coast of california was so jam packed with secret goodness.

on a jaunt to avila beach we discovered the avila valley barn, our new go to place for produce and pies. it was just wonderful. aside from the pick-it yourself produce their barn is filled with fresh local yields of the season. we made it home with about 5 lbs of edibles, and that doesn't include the ollallieberry pie or the white truffle oil. we walked around and visited the various animals, mas fell in love with a baby goat and it was all i could do to pull him away before he nabbed it and brought it back home to frances.


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