14 August 2008

and the craziness begins

(the burlap and liner for the envelopes)

the pace is picking up and i have found myself completely consumed with wedding thoughts. the invites should be arriving from the engraver next wednesday, which means i kinda need to have these envelopes finished up by next friday (did i mention i am making them out of grey burlap that we are also using as table runners? i think i have my work cut out for me on this one as i only have three of the 60 i need made).

my mom is sending the invites from north carolina (where we are getting married) so i am going to have to box them up and ship them out soon. i hate deadlines and all of a sudden a million are coming my way. anyway i have a lot of work to do this coming up week so i will be not be posting as frequently ... though there are many exciting images to be shared in the near future ").

(one of the finished envelopes)


  1. Christine, this is Megan. Are those the envelopes for the white invites with the birds, and the blind stamp of the tree? I really love them! That green string looks the kind you wrapped around the invite sample Kelly showed me.

  2. I love the envelopes!!! So chic and rustic.

  3. I am super excited to see your finished product! It is a great project :)

  4. thanks kelly! i'm hoping they turn out that way.

    heather, i'll post final pictures for sure, hopefully soon ").