06 August 2008

first wednesday of the month

my lovely 16 year old cousin and i have started a music exchange! one day i asked her if she was attending lollapalooza this year (she lives in chicago) and that led to a conversation about music. she hadn't heard of anyone on my playlist, and i hadn't heard of any one on hers. so as an attempt to bridge the generational gap we are exchanging cds once a month. and for all of you readers out there i will grace my blog with said mix (or as close to the mix as possible) via mixwit every first wednesday.


i discovered mixwit on little winter bride (thank you so much!) and it is pretty snazzy. there are some holes in their collection of music, so i had to make a couple of changes to this particular mix, but it is more or less the same. i hope you enjoy.


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