13 August 2008

commes des garcon + h&m

{photo found here}

every year, well since they started this whole collaboration thing, i have headed down to h&m in early november to stand in line way too long and brace the insane crowds (and cold weather) that go along with their designer collaboration releases. my favorite by far has been the stella mccartney coupling, but honestly they all hold a special place in my heart ... and my closet. this year it is going to be a bit tricky as i am at least 3 hours from the closest h&m, but for commes des garcon i am willing to figure it out. though the line isn't getting the rave reviews they have fetched in the past, i am quite excited about the possibilities.


  1. Ooo when is comme de garcon? (And why are you keeping me from doing my homework?!)