04 August 2008

sh*t happens

{dog poo bags by Junge Schactel, the design duo,
Nina Dautzenberg and Andrea Gadesmann
available here via notcot}

when we moved from chicago to california one of the things mas and i were most excited about was having a yard and a back door that led to that yard. you see, we have a little boston terrier named frances, and though we love her very much those night time walks are at times painful. needless to say being able to get off the couch, walk a couple of steps and open up a back door was nothing short of dreamy existence to us. but alas we couldn't find a house with a backyard that we actually wanted to live in, so we are still living the condo life-style. we don't have to take an elevator trip, and the winters here are significantly less chilly, but never the less when 10 o'clock rolls around neither of us ever actually wants to take the dog. that being said we still are on pick up duty as well. i'm used to it and living in a state that really cares about the environment makes it easy to find the 100% biodegradable bags. but now i have found these, both biodegradable and absolutely stylish and witty. i am clicking right over ...


  1. Great find! Much more attractive (not that it matters) than my run-of-the-mill bag that the newspaper came in.