16 May 2011

me, in dc.

1. i've been thinking about chopping my hair for about 2 years now.
2. if i wear enough mascara my eyes might look like that
3. i could go blonde ...
4. i need to buy new city clothes, once i live in a city again, right?
5. i need a change*.

*maybe i should wait until AFTER the move before i make such rash decisions, i mean it might be enough of a change for me, i might want to keep my long hair after that.

{images by olivia graham}


  1. ugh, the never ending dilemma.

    i had short, and i mean SHORT, hair in college. then i grew it out in my mid-twenties. i think about cutting now and again but last september i cut it to my *shoulders* and almost had a nervous breakdown. i guess i'm not as wild with my hair as i used to be...

  2. i think i might be with you on that. i used to be pretty easy going about my hair ... but then in october when i went in for a TRIM and she knocked off SIX INCHES i spent the following two weeks crying and throwing a fit. it's still not as long as it was ... which is driving me nuts and making me want to just chop it off.

  3. Most women when they cut their long hair short, it means they are just too stressed out our they are simply problematic with their love life. So where do you fall in that category?

  4. I just posted the exact same thing!
    I've been thinking about it for so long.
    I've never had short hair but I'm dying to try it.
    I'm not in any of the categories mentioned by Lisa - I think I'm just tired of it!

  5. Do it. Jamie (Desert Fete) did the big chop and she looks like a million bucks. Short hair + a little (a little!) modest eyeliner and voila. Add a few new well-fitted dresses and a new city and BOOM, you'll feel like taking on the world. What a fun change.

  6. i love the hair- gorgeous pictures vibrant and colourful