09 May 2011

my solution to self defense.

after 19 houses, one failed attempt to make and offer, four nights in dc and too many miles on the prius we have *maybe* figured out where we are going to live.  yay!?  we kind of rushed through the visit of our number one choice this weekend due to scheduling conflicts, so i think i'm going back north with my mom tomorrow to double check/make an offer.  (what? who? a house? for owning? and not moving out of in 18 months?)  there are things that we need to know, like, um does that crapped out ac unit REALLY work? and is that gross red carpet really hiding hard wood?  like hardwood that isn't all rotted out?  and then one last peek at the neighborhood, with a mom, to confirm we aren't crazy for believing our neighbors when they say that their only real complaint is that it gets loud.  though one did admit that there are fights, and the police will be called semi-regularly about those fights.  but it's safe, that was repeated.  they've lived there for four and six years.  they are all our age. one set of neighbors has a baby, and the other set, a garden! if that isn't a glowing review i'm not sure what is.

but mas was kind of skeptical.  so when we returned home from dc last night he did a bit of research on the area, an obscure corner of capitol hill called capitol east, or hill east, or something east ... and while the results were apparently not very helpful, the last thing he said to me before he left for work this morning was : you should look into self-defense classes today.  i smiled, and he said, no seriously look into them, closed the door and left.

i'm totally game for carrying around pepper spray or something, but self-defense classes?  i think i'd just prefer a bike, cut the walking alone at night out altogether. and if i'm going to be biking, i'm going to need a bike.  i mean, i can't be expected to ride my orbea around town, it has clips and i don't do clips in crazy city traffic. so, when i found these, via  design*sponge this morning, i knew it was obviously meant to be.

also i can't say another dog wouldn't be nice.  frances needs a friend to frolic around with in our YARD, which is outside of our HOUSE, which is about five blocks from eastern market and a whopping one block from the metro.  plus it's honest to goodness in our price range and has 2 working wood burning fireplaces and bay windows.

{1.  caferacer  2.  holymoly  3.  vinyl  - all by creme cycles}


  1. kind of what i was thinking!

  2. I actually live in Hill East - I'm about a block away from the metro in the opposite direction from Eastern Market. It's a great hood, don't let the wimpy NW DCers scare you!

  3. Three! And yes, get Frances a buddy- getting Sailor the dog a companion was the best move ever. They're obsessed with each other.

  4. i'm so happy to hear that y'all are making progress on the DC move. a YARD? frances will be in heaven.

    self-defense classes could be... fun... maybe.

  5. i took a self-defense class when i was eleven. it was pretty fun.

  6. definitely number 2. The curve of the middle bar is so elegant. I hate riding boys bikes, swinging my leg over so high. In the Netherlands [where I live] even the boys prefer the girl bikes, and most of the cute old school dutch bikes look like number 2