17 May 2011

the pss.

i.e the perfect summer sweater. & i'm a big fan.  

i USED to have a most favorite knit linen hoodie from the gap that i found my freshman year of college, but three years ago, i left it on a beach somewhere in belize while in a rush to get to the dinghy before the rain came.  i have mourned the loss of that sweater ever since, and have tried valiantly to replace it.  five sweaters later, i think i have finally found the winner.  loosely knit, so super airy, and i'm also digging the slight crop and dropped shoulder seems.  it really is perfection.

{vince sweater that i snagged while in dc last week, that can be purchased here}


  1. regretably, i never seem to own any sweaters.

  2. that is quite regrettable for you live in the land MADE for summer sweaters.

  3. vince makes the most amazing clothes. ever. and the idea of a summer sweater? i kind of forgot about it until you mentioned it. then i raided j crew's factory section and bought four. i like to buy in bulk. obviously.

  4. its odd how clothing have memories- and spark emotion
    ahh well!

  5. oh my.

    How did I not know about this vince until now?

    Such a great knit!

    Liz x