05 April 2011


i need a new laptop case for my most amazing 15" macbook pro.  after lusting after this clare vivier i've decided it is not as much protection as it is awesome.  and while i like awesome when it comes to things that carry things, i need something that will prevent my life (i.e my laptop) from cracking in half (or denting or scratching etc, etc) when traveling.  i'm a FREAK when it comes to protecting my electronics, so i need something sturdy.  for my black macbook i used this black incase sleeve.  it worked well, but i want something new ... and amazeballs. mmmmmm k?  thanks.


  1. i have the incase. guess i can't help you.

  2. I have one of these beauties. It's lovely and thick and fits my 15" Macbook Pro Unibody nice and snug.

  3. it might not be as chich as you are looking for, but i fucking love my white freitag sleeve. (http://www.freitag.ch/shop/FREITAG/shop.jsf#/models=F82%2015''&product=000000808667)
    i wouldn't be one to tote around a whole freitag bag, mind you. but the sleeve? something about the *dirty* white i loooove.

  4. Clare Vivier is the sweetest! We just got some of her bags for a job I'm on! Actually, I can't believe I missed that amazing case...
    I'm no help on the sturdier front!

  5. I recently dropped my MBPro on the CONCRETE sans case... it literally broke my heart! So I opted for this hard plastic case


    Stays on, protects it from further unwanted dings, AND the bonus, I can tuck it away in super cute cases, without worrying about it!