11 April 2011

weekend burger.

saturday afternoon mas arrived from a week away. he landed at the awkward hour of 2 in the afternoon, but we had decided to wait and eat.  airport food sucks anyway no?  so on our way back from the raleigh airport we stopped in chapel hill for lunch at SANDWHICH.  we are kinda crazy about this place, it is delicious and close to our go-to venue for music, the cat's cradle, we go a lot. 

but this time was different, because they've started serving BURGERS.  while mas was blind to everything except the fresh farm egg BLT, i opted for the ulitmate 'which burger (in addition to the regular stuffs put on burgers this one came with avocados, bacon and roasted jalapenos) and it was heavenly.  i seriously haven't had such a scrumptious burger in ages. i think it was due to the delicate spice that came from the peppers and the quality of meat used in the actual burger.  it was a bit fattier than the grass fed beef we've been scoring from our CSA, and that is never a bad thing for a burger.

after we gorged ourselves we made it home and rushed to spend the rest of the day in bed watching glee and napping.  perfect.  and then there was sunday, which was spent in a pollen haze, but at least it was sunny and warm.


  1. What a good way of relaxing. Just eating hamburgers and afterward, lie on the bed and watch TV.That's pretty cool!

  2. The burger looks tempting but I'll have to pass on that up until my friend's wedding day. I can't be an overweight bridesmaid...lol! That would mean altering my dress again....lol