08 February 2010

diy projects.

has anyone ever reupholstered a couch? we inherited a nice big comfy couch from mas' parents and while it is nice and big and comfy, it is not what you would call - our style. it is kinda green and gold and fits in to a much different life than we live. i'm thinking it needs to be grey canvas. maybe i'll cover the cushions with simple pillow covers (thing giant rectangles), but what about the rest of the beast? staple gun? i don't want to ruin it, but i do want to be able to buy this pillow and have it not look disgusting on our couch ... thoughts?

ps - mas thinks i am certifiable on this one ... kinda want to prove him wrong.


  1. All I know is that you neeed that pillow.

  2. Yeah. You need to pay someone to do that. Someone that knows what they're doing... which could still be affordable.

    (Hi MAS! I'm calling this one for you ;)

  3. that there is the cutest pillow ever!
    Could you make a fitted slipcover?

  4. Yes. I have done it. E-mail me. We'll talk.

  5. I did it...by hand, and it could not fit in the moving truck when we drove from Indiana to Philadelphia = heartbreak :)

    You can do it. Get a book from the library and look at some online tutorials. You can sew slipcovers for the cushions if it has it, and use a staple gun to nail down everything else. Cover the staples with a nice trim and call it a day :)

    Or you could get someone to do it!

  6. Oh you can totally do it! It's far easier than it would seem. There are lots of tutorials online, but basically, if you just remove the old upholstery carefully, that gives you a pattern for the new fabric. Then it's just a matter of pulling everything tight and stapling it all to the frame. It's a really forgiving project, really, because all the staples and dirty work gets hidden in the end.

    And you will feel so awesome and proud every time you sit on it.