28 February 2010

could it be?

last week esb and i were walking about venice when we came across some amazing shoes that we couldn't really afford (they are still making appearances in my dreams). it took us a few long minutes to pry ourselves away from the goodness, but eventually we just had to leave, we were drooling, it was bad. anyway after soothing our pain with hot chocolate and cheesy twisty bread we headed south (by foot) and into steven alan annex. DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE FOUND THERE?

yup, that's right. we found keds. we also found a charming young man who gave an affirmative response to esb's question ... "are keds the new bensimon's?" i'm not sure i agree, but i do find myself putting them on the summer shoe list (after my gold toms but before a replacement pair of chucks...).


  1. I bought the gold Toms a couple of weeks ago and love them. Use Ebates to get cash back on them.

  2. omg, I've always loved Keds, but this color is phenomenal. adding them to my spring shoe list as well!!

  3. I just visited the Lanvins again. (virtually, I mean.)

    s i g h.

    I don't know how you can even think about Keds.

  4. get the TOMS-- you will not regret it. i used to swear by converse but i've officially changed loyalties.