25 February 2010

straight on to dessert.

i'm back in nc and to celebrate a couple of weeks with no travel in sight i'm attempting the planning of our foods. for tonight, i'm thinking risotto and leeks vinaigrette followed by butterscotch pudding. um, yum.


  1. I would do some meal planning, but it seems my husband will not be home for a meal for the next three months. notthatI'mcomplaining.


  2. my plans went to shit when mas was held over in nj a bit longer than expected. my meal will have to wait for tomorrow i guess, tonight it was toast and yogurt ... but i had nachos for lunch.

  3. "a couple of weeks with no travel in sight" can we trade? I mean, the part where a few weeks with no siteable travel is an occaision?

    recipe for risotto and leeks vinaigrette?

    poor esb, but even if h was around, would you *really* be doing meal plannin?