21 May 2012

summer dresses.

every year around this time i begin to mourn the loss of my jeans.  which is funny because i don't consider myself one of those people that loves their jeans, turns out, i do.  also it turns out that i really love them.  i want to always wear them.  always.  but at the same time i am not a fan of over heating and dc in the summer equals overheating when wearing jeans.  it is stupid hot here.  stupid hot.

which leads me to the summer dress search.  i've a few in my closet that have lasted me for forever but mostly i find that my tastes change on a yearly basis when it comes to dresses.  this is frustrating because i find myself wanting to spend a cool five thousand dollars on light and airy swathes of cloth when my budget is approximately thirty seven.

this year i want tunics and relatively shapeless.  also, apparently, navy.  done am i with those elastic cinched waists* and belts**.  though if eastern market this weekend was any indication of what is to come i'm in the minority because everyone was wearing a big ol' giant belt with their skimpy little summer dress.  oh dc, why, WHY?


* i am fully aware that the madewell dress has an elastic cinched waist, i'm giving myself one, old habits die hard
** i've never really liked the super wide belts with dresses even when they were super popular ... three years ago


  1. Oh yes! Love the sweet simplicity of all these dresses. I can already see myself in the Madewell and Wang ones.

  2. i could never get on board with the wide belts. i used to think that it was because i looked ridiculous in them, but then i realized that EVERYONE looks ridiculous in them. such an unflattering trend. why would anyone want to accentuate their RIBCAGE? i tried doing the skinny belt, but that didn't work for me either. so i stuck to a medium belt (like 1.5 inches wide). i have a brown worn leather one that i threw over everything, but i am growing tired of that look, too.

    all that being said, i am currently looking for the perfect black tent dress. if you find it, please let me know.

  3. just pulled out my alexander wang ;)