08 May 2012

nailed it no. 5

so last week was busy, there was travelling and family time and eating more than i can even think about right now.  there was stress and shopping and a butterflies in my stomach for more than 16 hours (that is the worst, and also a little bit of the best).  there were life changing events and then there was fog and 45 degrees in chicago.

there was also the seeing of some pretty fluttery numbers by dvf that left me more than just a little bit in love with pastels.

all of that being said, my nails today are a little lackluster,  and a touch juvenile ... maybe because this is the way i would paint my nails in high school?  alternating nails and colors.  never forgetting the GLITTER.  seriously if i could pile up all of the glitter i used in high school, particularly glitter polish, jesus, i could refinish our floors.

next week i'm exploring the wonders of gold leaf, watch out, but for now, you get 1. essie's mint candy apple, 2. essie's tart deco and 3. butter's the full monty (a very good gold glitter might i add).  also, gold sparkly pinkies are awesome.


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