01 May 2012

nailed it no. 4

i have to say this one scared me a little bit.  it just seemed so intense, so complicated.  turns out, it is semi-complicated, but not exactly hard.  in fact it's pretty easy.

what you will need :

- dark base coat, i used a metallic blue (essie midnight cami) because it seemed appropriate
- glitter (opi for sephora spark-tacular)
- white (deborah lippmann amazing grace),
- a smattering of etc colors.  this time around i used essie's luxedo, mint candy apple and chinchilly.  but really it's totally up to you.  the only recommendation i have is a mix of dark and light.  this helps create the depth of your galaxy.
- makeup sponge

what you will do :

1. base coat, clear
2. two coats of your dark base coat
3. one coat of glitter.  i used the glitter very sparingly as i didn't want to be glitter CRAZY, it's a fine line, that glittery one.
4. i went ahead a did a layer of my quick dry clear top coat here, but that's up to you.
5. sponge on white
6. sponge on etc colors, alternating lights and darks, and don't stress.  it's a random process made better if you just let go of your more particular tendencies.
7. one more coat of glitter, here and there.  i only used the second glitter coat on a few nails due to that fine line mentioned above.
8. final quick dry top coat.
9. clean up cuticles if necessary.

a few notes :

- i used the same makeup sponge for all colors.  they blend on your nail anyhow so there is no point in creating more waste.

- the glitter i used was big chunky multi-colored glitter.  it also happens to by my most favorite glitter polish ever.  but you can use anything so long as it is the big/chunky variety.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! I cannot WAIT to do this!

  2. your patience astonishes me.

    those nails are absolutely lovely.

  3. this is so amazing! i wish i had an ounce of your creativity!

  4. p.s. will you take a photo of your nail polish collection?