20 March 2012

dining room.

so we've got this room, it's mostly for eating, though i've been using it as my office as of late.  it's directly between the kitchen and the living room.  the walls are 80% grey (so is the ceiling).  the trim is painted black.  we've a single pendant light in the center and an old school (like 1920's) large wooden tripod in the corner by the window.  our chairs are black, our table teak.  this is also the room that contains the majority of our alcohol, though hidden in a built in cabinet.  our glassware is on display.

we've yet to hang just about any art in the entire house.  it's hard when the furniture hasn't even been decided on.  but the thing is, i'm liking our dining room.  sans art on the walls.  it's simple, clean, and all about the company you keep at the table.  mas has a 16x20 photo of chickens that he's convinced is a good idea to hang on one wall, but i'm not.  it seems better suited for the kitchen.  i think i'm winning, only because mas is being a super nice guy, but what's the general consensus?  if you walked into a room without a bit of art on the walls would that be off-putting?


  1. as long as you keep gorg flowers on the table at all times, you are GOOD


    thanks for no capcha

  3. Um, that is gorgeous. I would sit in that room all of the time.

    If it makes you feel any better, we're going on 2 years in the house and there is still nothing on the walls.

  4. it wouldn't be offputting AT ALL. especially since you have such a bold (awesome) color combo in there. ESB is quite right about the flowers, too. let *those* be the art.

    unless, you know, you find something killer to hang up at a later point. which is entirely possible.

  5. tell mas that pictures of farm animals only belong in two places.
    1. a kitchen
    2. a nursery

    i'm pretty sure he has little to no interest in no. 2, so...

    also, you have 80% grey walls. THAT right there is your art.