29 March 2012


i've a guest post up on east side bride with fellow southerner naurnie.  i tell you what you should do in asheville, or really where you should eat, and she tells you pretty much everything you need to know about nashville.  i've not really lived in asheville since i flew the coop for college, but it's turned into a lovely city filled with creative and talented young people. when we were back living in nc two years ago we wouldn't bat an eyelash at the four hour drive if it meant dinner and a show.  and in secret mas and i talk about going back a lot more than we ever imagined

image and food from cúrate.


  1. I love Asheville! My family had a house in Highlands for a very long time so we love that part of NC. Beautiful, great food and drinks and fantastic cultural events!

  2. oh goodie!! i keep dreaming of moving there!