25 June 2012

the weekend.

it was only a little bit warm, not quite wanna kill yourself hot.  there was a lot of walking.  to the farmers market and back. with a bag full of cherries! that ended up on my shorts.  which was kind of ok since they were already pink.

there was soba with sesame and veggies and rice vinegar and a sixpoint apollo, my most favorite summer beer.

there was walking to the park, sitting, snoozing, reading.

there was a pizza made of leftover dough covered in garlic scapes and zucchini and garlic.

there was the cutest little guy in the the corner of a sidewalk square.

there was also the wearing of my bensimons, which hasn't actually occurred in a very long time.  i think i've decided to get rid of them.  though i'm not sure.  they just aren't very comfortable.


  1. I should like to come spend a weekend with you.

  2. my bensimons are about dead :/

  3. looks like an amazing weekend. I'd love a slice of that pizza!

  4. So I'm not the only one who thinks bensimons are incredibly uncomfortable.

  5. Looking at these photos I hear Rosie Thomas in my head.

  6. i finally threw away my bensimons, which were getting holes in the soles, and now i miss them terribly.....