27 December 2011

happening. right now.

ohmygod, i am kind of ridiculously happy that the whole christmas thing is over.  i mean, don't get me wrong, i do love a good celebration, but the stress of getting everything done that needed to be done was too much this year.  just too much.  

so the holing up solo (save for my husband and dog) for a long weekend was a delight, we did nothing except eat and make a mess.

how was your holiday?  lovely i hope?

and now, it's time to actually get my shit together and start taking these final touches on the house seriously.  i mean, it's been SIX MONTHS.  can you believe it?  i can't.  in fact i'm slightly embarrassed to admit it really.  but whatever.  we've made a lot of progress and just because there is a lot left to do, doesn't mean it isn't fun.  we really are done with the nitty gritty, i think.

annnnnyway.  i've a few days off this week, so i've decided to go ahead and start the gingham vestibule project.  when i saw the above picture on design*sponge a while back i knew there was no changing of my mind.  i had to have these walls.  mas thinks i'm ridiculous for even attempting.  but whatever.  today is the day i start.  i mean, taping the walls is a v. good first step, right???


  1. yeah, um, pls post "after" pics. kthanksbye!

  2. you are so brave, for this is the kind of project that would cause me to throw things, blame it all on joe, and then call him horrible, horrible names.

  3. I am happy the holidays are over as well! It is so draining and a lot of work! But I'll be excited when it comes around again next year :)



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