30 March 2011

we've got it bad.

the new house bug has hit us, HARD.  we are toying with the idea of buying, renovating, and living in ONE HOUSE for the next three (maybe more?) years, can you BELIEVE IT???  i can't, it is so weird, and i am kind of doubting our follow through, but for now we are going with it.

so, acting on the assumption that we are buying a house, the past 9 days have been spent in a haze of research.  mas has found us a realtor and about 15 houses.  we've found the DC 826, which based on past experience, seems to tell me where i want to live in a city.  our local scouts are even sending us the addresses of their favorite thai restaurants (don't want to be too far away from one of those afterall).  it's insane.  and awesome.  i guess this is just what you get when you combine a blogger obsessed with pinterest and a lawyer.

more on the outsides of houses later, for now we should focus on the insides, particularly these awesome insides.  after pinning a few favorite things and favorite rooms, i found my favorite house.  i mean, they even have a SMEG.  i've been lusting after a smeg for years.  it is my second most coveted appliance after a kick-ass washer and dryer.  and the white floors ... i am dying for the white floors.

{the owners of this house, found on things i like, things i love through pinterest, also have a store, and it is amazing.  i want it to be in the states, i NEED it to be in the states.}


  1. I love that house...super inspirational! also, excited to see what happens with your own possible house/new place...I'm sure it will be fabulous.

  2. oh.my.god. that house. it's amazing. there's nothing i don't like. good luck with the house hunting!

  3. Love.

    I am dying for a SMEG. They are so classically cool.

  4. My Paris apartment had a SMEG. It was the best SMEG.